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Impressions of the Sassi.  Handmade Artist's Book.  The Sassi of Matera are a series of cave dwellings in the south of Italy that I often visit.  The pattern on the cover, which was made from my hand dyed silk, is inspired by the texture of the limestone from which the caves are carved, and the colors are inspired by the Sassi when seen at dawn.  Randomly scattered Swarovski crystals adorn the silk, being a reference to the lights that illuminate the Sassi.  The book is designed as a labyrinth with various folds, turns, and openings, similar to what one finds within the Sassi itself.  Throughout the book are black and white photographs taken during my travels there, along with three poems that I had written about it at three different time periods.  These different time periods overlapped into the book are reflective of the overlapped sense of time that is imprinted onto the caves, as they have been in continual habitation and adaptation for thousands of years. 
© Sophia Khan
Impressions of the Sassi
Magnet closure cover with hand dyed silk and swarovski 
crystals.  Suede interior.  Book printed on Canson Infinity paper.

Leather long stitch journal with hand marbled paper on signatures