Arabic Calligraphy

© Sophia Khan

This watercolor was done a few years ago.


Sadia said...

This is a beautiful watercolor painting that adorns the wall to the entrance of my home. The colors that are used are very calming and the design and calligraphy have an ethereal quality. I really love this piece of art!

Sophia Khan said...

Thanks so much for your kind words!

I am so glad you like it and thrilled that it is in your oh so beautiful home.
Hoping your creative endeavors are going great as usual.

pea said...

How is it possible to have missed this site in your profile? And wow!

Who knew?

I was searching a little deeper for a contact email as I wanted to ask if you have intentionally turned off your comments to the Venice blog and voila! - I found something more.

I have been there a few times and never saw the other links, so maybe one sees what one is meant to see when one is meant to see it.

Peeking through your 'about me' notes with fresh eyes I am sending you this. Not that you won't have seen this before, but I'm sending you this for the fun of it and to entice you to take a mini break in your day and smile (hopefully).


Sophia Khan said...

Hello Pea:)

Thanks so much for this! I responded to this via your email.

Thanks for stopping by here.