Santa Maria della Salute, Venice

© Sophia Khan

Watercolor on Arches paper


Arzigogolare said...

This is stunning, Sophia - and I also love the cloister in Palermo & your water study...You've been busy!
- Lisa

Sophia Khan said...

Hello Lisa,
Thanks so much. Yes, I've definitely been dedicating more time to my artwork-one of my hopes for the new year:)

pea said...

I second Arzigogolare completely.

pea said...

Is it stupid to revisit the same pic and leave another comment?...Then I'm stupid. This is just stunning.

The shading, the colour, the perspective. Such a quiet piece and yet quite opulent.

Sophia Khan said...

Not at all Pea,

Thanks for such kind words. I do appreciate you stopping by and having a look at my work. This one turned out differently than what I had intended, but I am still quite happy with it:)