Ca' d'Oro, Venice

© Sophia Khan
watercolor study on tea stained paper

I have been spending much time on a highly detailed watercolor and decided last night to take a break.  I loosened up and painted the Ca d'Oro facade, without the use of an underlying pencil sketch.  I have also been meaning to paint on the Arches rough paper I had stained with tea some time ago, so this was a good opportunity to test that out as well.  I am pleased with the results enough to perhaps try developing this for a finished painting.


Mick Carney said...

Lovely delicate piece and interesting way to produce tinted paper.

Sophia Khan said...

Thanks Mick. I often enjoy a loose study like this after spending a lot of time on more detailed finished paintings and Venice is one of my favorite subjects:) Will surely be working on tea stained paper again.