Enjoying Venice II

© Sophia Khan

I am beginning to appreciate more and more the use of the role of water in watercolor painting. Experimenting with how much to use, when to continually apply it, how much to let it dry before adding more pigment, etc. is part of the fun and process of using the medium to ones advantage.

With this study, I chose a vertical orientation to a scene that is intuitively landscape oriented to see where it would lead me.  I like the results in that it almost looks like a section showing the depth of the water rather than the viewers distance from it.  

I'll surely be continuing my studies into this subject.

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Mick Carney said...

Gorgeous, subtle, intriguing, everything that epitomises Venice.

Sophia Khan said...

Thanks so much for such kind words Mick:) It's very nice of you to say that.

I am enjoying returning to this subject again and again, while experimenting with different watercolor techniques. I'm also starting to get more interested in the idea of portraying water with watercolors.

Thanks as well for your earlier tip on using salt. Perhaps I can give it another try.