Casa de Pilatos, Seville

© Sophia Khan
watercolor on Arches paper

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Mick Carney said...

Absolutely stunning draughtsmanship. First rate image.

Sophia Khan said...

Thanks Mick!

This one has been in the works for quite some time.


can imagine it has sophia ... beautiful corner and detail ...wishing you and your family a very happy christmas and creative 2013 !

Sophia Khan said...

Thanks Jane! This is one of my favorite spaces in Spain. I love it especially for the Architectural mix of East and West.

Thanks also for your well wishes and wishing you a wonderful holiday and new year as well:)

Katherine Tyrrell said...

I've been there - it's an amazing place - but does present some problems in terms of deciding where to sit as I recall!

Sophia Khan said...

Hello Katherine,
Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think I was sitting on the floor in one of the corners when I sketched this space:)

Arzigogolare said...

This is amazing, Sophia! Beautiful details, patterns, colors & shadows. Bravissima!

Sophia Khan said...

Thanks so much Lisa!

I am actually thinking of doing another version of this one as well. This time a bit looser.