watercolor washes

© Sophia Khan
watercolor on Arches paper

I have been working on and off on a highly detailed watercolor for quite some time. Beginning the day with these watercolor washes has been a wonderful way to relax, enjoy the slow process of the wash, be patient, and simply loosen up.  

I also enjoy these as it's wonderful to begin with something not knowing exactly where it will lead.


Mick Carney said...

Do you intend developing these pieces or will they remain as they are, ethereal wisps of colour to fill the imagination?

Sophia Khan said...

Hello Mick,

Thanks for your kind words. I actually intended them to remain as they are. I ended up working on the bottom one a bit more. I did these more for the fun of loosening up rather than painting with an intended image in mind. I really enjoyed it, and ended up doing another set the next day with different colors. I think I may continue to experiment with doing washes in this manner.